Manage Access Requests in SharePoint

The access request feature allows people to request access to content that they do not currently have permission to see. As a site owner, you can configure the feature to send you mail when someone requests access to a site. You can then choose whether to approve or decline their request. If you approve the request, you can also specify the specific level of permission you’d like to assign to a user.

The access request feature also works together with the Share command for sites. If someone who is not a site owner for a site (that is, someone who does not have full control for a site) uses the Share command to invite other people to view a site, then that action will generate an access request for the site owner. The site owner can then approve or decline the request, or specify the permission level to be assigned to the new user.

Together, the Share command and the access request feature simplify the process of managing who has access to a site. Site users have the opportunity to invite other people to collaborate on sites, while site owners have the ultimate authority over who has access to these sites and what level of permissions users are assigned.

For instructions on how to manage access requests, visit the Microsoft article on how to manage access requests in SharePoint