Proofpoint URL Defense

HUIT has implemented new technology to help protect you from specific threats that are distributed via email, including phishing and targeted attacks–emails sent to our community to trick people into giving up their Harvard network credentials. These messages and the websites they link to often look legitimate, even to the discerning eye, because they use our own logos and valid address and other contact information.

Proofpoint's URL Defense protects you and Harvard’s network resources by blocking access to malicious websites. Links in all email messages are evaluated using a variety of sophisticated techniques to determine the likelihood that they lead back to phishing or malware websites.

If links can't be definitively classified as safe when the message is received, the URL is rewritten so that clicking it will cause URL Defense to evaluate the linked website a second time. If the link is safe, you will see no difference. If it is malicious, you will see a notification in your browser like the following:



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