Overview of File Sharing Options

Office 365’s powerful cloud-based suite of tools makes it easy to securely share files and collaborate with colleagues across the University and outside of Harvard.

Office 365 will be available University wide, and for the first time, all Harvard faculty and staff will have access to the same email, calendar, and file sharing platform to support and foster collaboration, organization, and efficiency.

  • OneDrive: With features similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, OneDrive lets you share and access your documents or folders securely from anywhere on any device, while supporting version control. OneDrive works with existing University systems, making it easier to setup and use. OneDrive can also replace personal network drives (which are only accessible when connected to the Harvard network) to give faculty and staff easier, more secure remote access.  Your OneDrive account is personal to you.   If you depart the University, your OneDrive account will expire and documents you have shared will no longer be available to your colleagues.  
  • SharePoint Sites: Organize and collaborate on your departmental, team or project documents using SharePoint. Easily manage custom permissions for sharing, editing and viewing documents, as well as task lists, calendars, and other resources that enhance your collaboration. Use the service to replace your departmental iSite, create an intranet site or replace your departmental network share. Unlike OneDrive, when you leave the University the files you publish and share on a SharePoint Site remain available to your colleagues.

OneDrive and SharePoint sites can both be used with Level 3 data.  If you would like to store Level 4 data, please contact us for a SharePoint secure site setup.  

Collaboration Tools, Compliance, and Data Security provides and overview of which tools can be used at each data security level. Visit the Harvard Information Security website to understand data classifications