OneDrive Anonymous Links

Share OneDrive Files Using Anonymous Guest Links

NOTE: Anonymous guest links should not be used to share data classified as Level 2 or higher. For more information on data classification, please see visit this article on Harvard University Information Security Policy

Collaborate even more easily with OneDrive, even if you don't want to make your collaborators log in using an external account by using anonymous guest links. The first thing to know is that sharing with anyone using an anonymous guest link doesn't require any authentication. Anyone who has the link can access the document it points to and can view or edit the document depending on the permission level of the link. Any information shared via an anonymous link should be public or Level 1 data. Level 2 data or higher should not be shared using this method.

Also, anonymous guest links only work with documents. They don't work with OneDrive sites, pages, lists, libraries or folders, only with individual documents.

How to create an anonymous guest link


  1. Log in to OneDrive by going to
  2. Go to the document library in OneDrive that contains the document you want to share
  3. Click on the ellipse
  4. Click "SHARE"
  5. In the share window click "Get a link"
  6. In the "Get a link" window choose the "CREATE LINK" link in either the "View Only" or the "Edit" section, depending on the level of sharing you want for this document.
  7. If you create a link, or a link was previously created, you will be able to copy the link from the link field:
  8. If you no longer need the link to be available, or you believe the link has been shared too widely, you can disable the link by clicking on the "DISABLE" link to the right of the link field.
  9. Disabled links are never reused. If you need to create another link for the same document later you'll be able to do so but the link will be different so will need to be redistributed to whomever needs it.
  10. Note: Anyone on the internet who comes across either a view only link or an edit link will be able to access the document in question with no login. If it's an edit link they will be able to edit the document with no login.