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Office 365 Email & Calendar



You will need to update your username to access your email and calendar from your desktop using Microsoft Outlook using your primary email address.  

*Not sure what your primary email address is?

  1. Log into
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Click Messaging
  4. Your primary email address appears under the "E-Mail Options" heading
Make sure you check the "Remember my password" box when prompted to login after your email has been migrated.

If you cannot access your email or calendar from your Outlook client, please contact the HMS IT Service Desk at 617.432.2000 for assistance.


Access the Office 365 Outlook for the web

  • Connect to and click the O365 Outlook Web App link. You can also access Outlook for the web directly at
  • Set your Time Zone! It is important that you set your time zone when prompted the first time you log on to Outlook for the web. If you just click Save without changing the default, your mailbox will be set to use "(UTC) Monrovia, Reykjavik" as the time zone!


New Outlook for the web App for iPhone and iPad!

Harvard University IT recommends that you use the Microsoft Outlook iOS client to access your Office 365 Email & Calendar.

  • Designed to work with Office 365
  • Provides more features and functionality than the native iOS email and calendar applications.
  • Allows you to view other calendars that are shared with you.
  • Set Out of Office notifications on the go!

Click here for more information.


Application and Device Configurations

Mobile Devices

      • Android Devices View

      • BlackBerry 10 Devices* using ActiveSync View

      • iPhone or iPad View

      • Surface Tablets View

*BlackBerry devices using BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) will need to be reconfigured by HMS IT Support.

Desktop Applications - Mac

      • Apple Mail desktop application View

      • Entourage 2008 View

      • Outlook 2011 migration View

      • Outlook 2011 update View

      • Outlook 2015 migration Office 365 View

      • Thunderbird Office 365 migration Windows or Mac View


Desktop Applications - Windows

      • Outlook 2010 autodiscover for Office 365 View

      • Outlook 2010 New Profile for Office 365 View

      • Outlook 2013 Update to Office 365 View

      • Thunderbird Office 365 Migration Windows or Mac View


Download and Installing O365 Business software for One Drive or Office 365:

  1. Log into your email at 
  2. Click on the gear icon  in the top right of the screen, and select “Office 365 settings,”
  3. Select Software.  You can install or manage software that are licensed to you.


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