Getting Started with Harvard OneDrive

You can access your Harvard OneDrive files online virtually anytime from anywhere directly from your Microsoft Office applications or using current versions of most web browsers. Your OneDrive Files can also be downloaded locally using the OneDrive for Business Sync App. Note: Please refer to Harvard University Security Policy as to what data can be stored on your computer.

Supported OneDrive Sync App

Please review the information below to ensure you have the appropriate system requirements for installation of the OneDrive Sync App.

Operating System App Get Software and Configuration Instructions
Android 9.0 or higher OneDrive for Android From the Google Play Store
Apple iOS 11.3 or higher OneDrive for iOS From the Apple Store
OSX 10.12 or higher OneDrive Desktop App From your OneDrive
Windows 10 OneDrive Desktop App Built in to Windows 10

Note: If your Harvard computer is not supported by HUIT, please contact your local IT department before installing any software on your machine.