Getting Started

Getting Started with SharePoint Sites

SharePoint Sites gives you new ways to share your work, work with others, organize your projects and teams, and discover people and information. Launch SharePoint Sites from the services column on to be taken to your landing page, which displays the sites you have access to. From there, you can click on one of the links to go into your team or project site.

For small team or project document sharing using the new Groups feature is recommended. For ad-hoc document and file sharing use OneDrive for best results.

You can also access SharePoint Sites by clicking on the waffle icon and selecting the SharePoint button. For frequently accessed sites consider using the following sites feature.

Click the settings icon in the Suite Bar  to see additional actions for customizing your SharePoint experience. You can find more about available features on the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 web site


Ready to move beyond the basics?

Take a look at Microsoft's Online Training Courses to learn more about:

  • Creating and managing a blog to share information
  • Creating and setting up a list
  • Sharing documents
  • Using a list
  • Syncing libraries using OneDrive for Business
  • Updating profile and privacy settings
  • SharePoint Quick Start Card (SharePoint login required).

10 things you can do with SharePoint

Share information with your entire organization

Click Newsfeed, type your message, and then click Post

See Post something to everyone

See what everyone is talking about

Click Newsfeed > Everyone.

Upload files to OneDrive so you can access them from anywhere

Click OneDrive > New document > Upload existing file


See Manage your information

Open a document in a document library

Click to open the document you want to work on and it will open in Office Web App. If you have the application installed on your computer and want to use it, click Edit Document > Edit in <application name>

Edit in Word Web App

Work with others at the same time and see each other's changes

In a document library, click to open the document you want to work on. It will open in Office Web App. The names of the people currently working on the document appears in the upper left hand corner of the page. You can also see where they are editing in the document by looking for the tiny red flag.

Share flag

Share documents with people inside your organization

Select the document you want to share, click the ellipses to open the menu, and then click Share

Share documents

See Share ideas, sites, and content

Create a new page

If you have site owner permissions, click Settings > Add a page

Add a page

Add a list or library to your team site

On the site that you want to add the list or library, go to Settings > Add an app.

Add an app

See Add an app to a site

Keep previous versions of a doc while you make changes to it

Select the document, on the Files tab, click Version History

Version History

See How does versioning work in a list or library?

Search for something

Type a search keyword into the Search this site box, click the down arrow to elect a search scope, and then click the Search icon.

Search box

See Find content that’s important to you