Why can I no longer see meeting details on a calendar that has been shared with me?

If you were able to see details on the calendar before you migrated, it is possible that you are trying to access a mailbox that has not yet been moved to Office 365 Email & Calendar. We try to migrate groups and shared accounts at the same time, but sometimes we miss an account or can't move everyone on the same day. 

If you know the mailbox has already been migrated, please try the following:

      • Delete the shared calendar from your calendars list, and re-add it by selecting it from the GAL
      • Ask the owner of the calendar to send you a new Sharing Request and make sure to specify either Subject and Location or Full Details

Please contact the HUIT Service Desk at ithelp@harvard.edu or 617.495.7777 if you'd like us to help identify and resolve the issue.