What is the criteria I should use when deciding to request a site in SharePoint?

Even though anyone in the listed populations who requests a SharePoint site can have one, certain criteria should be met before requesting a site:

  • Every site has to have at least one Site Owner. The initial Site Owner can go to the SharePoint landing page and click on "Create site" on the top left.  If you will be working with level4/HRCI data then you can request an HRCI SharePoint site.

  • Because SharePoint is offered as a collaboration tool, the site should have the intention of being shared between two or more Harvard University employees.

  • Your SharePoint site users should (in most cases) belong to one of these tubs:

    • FAS
    • Central Administration (CA)
    • Graduate School of Design (GSD)
    • Graduate School of Education (GSE)
    • School of Public Health (HSPH)
    • The Divinity School (HDS)
    • Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study