Spam Filtering

Will Clutter break my inbox rules?

If you have rules moving messages, Clutter is applied after server-side rules are applied and items touched by rules won't be filtered by clutter

Will I be able to see my Clutter folder on all my devices?

Once Clutter is enabled in the Outlook web app, it appears in other clients linked to that Exchange account, including the Outlook client on both Windows and OS X desktops and notebooks, and the iPhone and Android Outlook on the web apps.

Does Clutter learn my preferences?

Users can drag messages they deem suitable to the Clutter folder to "train" the tool to spot similar email in the future. The tool gets smarter over time, learning from your prior actions with similar messages. 

What kind of mail will end up in my Clutter folder?

Most of the mail going into the folder should be bulk mail (advertisements) and messages from mailing lists.  However, you will want to periodically check the Clutter folder as it may move legitimate email into this folder.

Is Clutter a spam filter?

It is similar to an anti-spam filter as it moves less important email (based on your reading habits) into a 'Clutter' folder where they can be ignored or reviewed later.