Can I have another Office 365 mailbox with my name?

HUIT's email policy is one mailbox for each eligible individual possessing an active role at Harvard and an HUID. There are two exceptions:

  • If you are eligible for a g.harvard account:
  • Shared or departmental mailboxes. Mailboxes can be created for public facing Harvard entities or specific non-person entities. Permissions from a department head, dean or director is required for non-person mailboxes. Other restrictions or...
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What are the file size limits of SharePoint for Harvard?

There is a per file limit of 15 GB. There is a 25 TB limit per site collection. Site collections have traditionally been composed of large groupings like Central Admin or FAS but we have many more single use site collections now, which are issued on request.  Separate site collections are also issued for HRCI data collaboration.

Each site collection can have up to 2,000 subsites and they would all share the site collection quota, so there is no per subsite limit.

What kinds of collaborations should not be conducted within SharePoint?

The SharePoint for Harvard service can house Harvard related confidential data that strictly abides by Harvard's security policies. Please refer to the following IT Security website for comprehensive information: Please note that any collaboration involving non-Harvard related confidential information should not be conducted in SharePoint.

In terms of high-risk confidential data (HRCI), SharePoint for Harvard is certified for Level Four HRCI data on dedicated...

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