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Who determines my eligibility for a mailbox, and who creates them?

The account creation process is automatic.  When HR enters you into our Identity Management software, your role automatically sets off the process which gives you the correct access.  If you are uncertain if your role qualifies for an email address, you should contact Human Resources, or the Accounts and Access Management team.  HUIT cannot make exceptions to this process.

Can I have another Office 365 mailbox with my name?

HUIT's email policy is one mailbox for each eligible individual possessing an active role at Harvard and an HUID. There are two exceptions:

  • If you are eligible for a g.harvard account:
  • Shared or departmental mailboxes. Mailboxes can be created for public facing Harvard entities or specific non-person entities. Permissions from a department head, dean or director is required for non-person mailboxes. Other restrictions or...
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Is Yammer supported?

While members of the Harvard Community are free to take advantage of Yammer, please be aware that HUIT does not offer support for it.