How do I find my primary email address?

In most cases your primary email address is the email address you send and receive email from every day. Some users, for example Harvard employees with multiple appointments, or those using an email alias, may have a different primary email address in the system. To find your primary email address, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find out if your email domain is part of the HUIT Exchange Environment. Your email domain is everything after the '@' symbol in your address. If your email domain is below, your regular email address should work.

If you don't see your domain in the list, use your (Your ADID is your abc123 or abcd123 user name.) Users outside of the HUIT Exchange system including HBS, HLS, HKS. HMS, and Credant users received an email regarding their new username. Some Credant Central Administration users will need to use their [ADID] and some Credant FAS users will use [FAS username]

Step 2: FASmail, Icemail and Office 365 Email & Calendar users, if you are still unsure of your primary email address, go to your Microsoft Outlook email client and select Address Book (Mac users select Contacts Search). Use the pull down menu to select Global Address List - Microsoft Exchange or GAL. (Mac users select Harvard Directory). Type your last name in the search field. The email address associated with your contact in the Exchange Directory or GAL is the address that you should use for your login.

Note: If you are still encountering issues logging in or determining your primary email address, please contact your local support desk.

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