Can other Harvard associated people, such as students access departmental/shared mailboxes?

There will be times that users (especially users who do not have an O365 mailbox) might need to access a Departmental/Shared email account directly via the web. Also, at this time, users without their own mailbox will only be able to access Departmental/Shared accounts via Outlook on the web.

The URL to use for login would be:

Where: “RaAccountSMTP” could take the form:

Users would need to use their own credentials to authenticate into the mailbox. For users with their OWN mailbox, this would be the same as their regular email login.

For Students/Users who do NOT have an O365 mailbox the username could take the form of:

For the password in this situation, would be one the following:

  • Same as computer login password
  • email password
  • email password
  • HarvardKey

The username and password will match (so, if your login name is, the password will be the corresponding one.).

Please contact the HUIT Help Desk if you need assistance in finding your Username or the correct format for the departmental email address.