Configuring your Windows Phone 7+

Use these instructions to reconfigure your Windows Phone once you have
been migrated to Office 365 Email & Calendar.

Once you've been migrated, you will not be able to access your mailbox from your
device until you follow these steps.

1. You must delete your existing Harvard Exchange account from your phone before connecting it to Office 365 Email & Calendar. From the Settings menu, tap email+accounts

2. Tap and hold your existing Exchange account. Tap Delete, then tap Delete again.

3. From the email+accounts screen, tap add an account then tap Outlook.

4. Enter your primary e-mail address and the same password you used to access your email before migration.

5. Tap Sign in. Windows Phone will try to set up your email account automatically. If setup completes successfully, skip to step 10.

6. If you see the message "Check your information and try again. You may have mistyped your password," verify that you entered the correct email address and password (leave User name and Domain blank). Tap Sign in. If setup completes successfully, skip to step 10.
7. If your account still can't be automatically configured, tap advanced to manually configure your settings.

8. Enter the following information:

  • User name: your primary email address again
  • Domain: leave blank
  • Server:

9. Select the Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection box and tap Sign in.

10. Tap OK if Exchange ActiveSync asks you to enforce policies or set a password.

11. Tap the account you just created on the email+accounts screen to open the sync settings.

12. Make any changes you want to the mailbox features being synchronized to your phone or to the download frequency and tap the save button to complete setup.

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