Deleting an Address from Your Outlook Cache

After you have migrated to Office 365 Email & Calendar, you may receive a bounceback when emailing colleagues you've emailed before or sending updates to meetings scheduled on your calendar before you migrated.

This may also occur for others who try to email you after you have migrated.

Follow these instructions to delete the bad address entry from the Outlook cache.

  1. Start a new email message from the main Outlook window.
  2. Type the last name of the person you need to clear from the cache until the correct name is displayed in the auto-complete window.
  3. Press the Down Arrow key to select the email address (don't click on the address line!).
  4. Either press the ‹ Delete › key on your keyboard or click the delete symbol to the right of the name. If the person has multiple entries, be sure to delete them all.
  5. Address an email to the person again:
  • Type "lastname, " and one or two letters of the first name
  • Press ‹Alt› + ‹K›, the keyboard shortcut to Check Names.
  • Once the name is underlined (you may be asked to select the correct name if there are multiple matches in the GAL) you will have the correct address for that contact in your cache going forward.

If you are still having issues with mail to valid addresses bouncing, you may need to download an updated Offline Address Book and repeat the above procedure.