Configuring ActiveSync on your BlackBerry 10

Use these instructions to reconfigure Exchange ActiveSync on your
BlackBerry 10 device once you have been migrated to Office 365 email
and calendaring services. If you are using BES on your BlackBerry, HUIT Support
will need to reconfigure the device for you.

Once you've been migrated, you will not be able to access your mailbox from your
device until you follow these steps.

1. You must delete your existing Harvard Exchange account from your device before connecting it to Office 365 Email & Calendar. From the Settings menu, tap Accounts

2. Select your existing Exchange account and tap the trash icon  


3. Tap Accounts again, then scroll down and tap Advanced       
4. From the Advanced Setup menu, tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
5. Enter the following information:
  • Description: Office 365 Email & Calendar
  • Domain: Leave blank
  • Username: Your primary e-mail address
6. Scroll to the next section and enter the following:
  • Email Address: Your primary e-mail address again
  • Password: The same password you were using to access your email before migration

7. Scroll to the next section and enter the following:

  • Server Address:
  • Port: 443
  • Use SSL: On
  • Use VPN: Off
  • If you want email delivered to your device as it arrives in your mailbox, leave Push turned on. Otherwise, turn it off and set your Sync Interval

8. Tap Next

9. Choose the mailbox features you want to sync to your device.

Memo Sync should be turned off, as this often causes issues with the device.

10. Tap Next to complete setup

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