Configuring your Apple Mail desktop application

Use these instructions to reconfigure your Apple Mail application once you
have been migrated to Office 365 email and calendaring services.

Once you've been migrated, you will not be able to access your
mailbox with Apple Mail until you follow these steps.

These instructions are for OS 10.9 + Older OS users click here

1. From your desktop, open Apple Mail (You may also access Add Account from System Preferences/Internet Accounts.)

Note: If you already have an Exchange account configured you will need to click the minus (-) sign located at the bottom left of the "Accounts" window. This will remove the old Exchange account.

2. From Apple Mail click the Mail Menu

3. Click on Add Account

4. On the account type page, click Exchange.

Click Continue

Choose a mail account for Mac Mail - select Exchange

Important: If you are not presented with the above screen, you may need to click on the "+" sign located at the bottom left of the "Accounts" window. This action will start the account creation process.

5. On the next screen Apple Mail will ask for your account credentials:

  • Your Name: Enter your name as you'd like it to appear
  • Email Address: - Enter the primary address of your Office 365 account which will take one of the following forms: or
  • Password/Retype Password: Enter the password for your account


Click Continue


Enter email address and password

6. If you receive an Internet accounts couldn't log you in error - Click Continue.


If you get an error hit continue

7. If you are presented with the accounts settings screen fill in the required credentials.

  • Username: Is your Primary Email account
  • Password: Enter the password associated with the account you entered above
  • Description: Your description of the account

  • Server Address: Enter into this field

Note: Multi-factor authentication users will need to enter their App Password after they have entered their O365 password.

Enter your username password and as Server

8. When you enter the correct credentials you will see the accounts summary page.


Account summary

9. Next, configure your Apple Mail applications:

It is recommended that you select all the applications listed:
Mail | Contacts | Calendar | Notes | Reminders.

Click Done to finalize creating the account.

Your account is now configured.

Select all the apps

Important: Depending on the size and amount of emails you have in your account, Apple Mail may require some time to completely download all of your mail (and other data) the first time you load Apple Mail after configuring your account.

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