Configuring your iPhone or iPad

Use these instructions to reconfigure your iPhone or iPad once you have
been migrated to Office 365 Email & Calendar.

Once you've been migrated, you will not be able to access your mailbox from your
device until you follow these steps.

New Outlook App for iPhone and iPad!

HUIT recommends that you use the Microsoft Outlook for iOS to access your Office 365 Email & Calendar. The new app was designed to work with Office 365 and provides more features and functionality than the native iOS email and calendar applications. Note: Compatibility requires iPhone 4s or higher with iOS 6 or higher.

Click here for more information on downloading and installing Outlook for iOS.

Not only does the Outlook App have more reliable calendaring, it allows you to view other calendars that are shared with you and lets you set Out of Office notifications on the go.

Configuring the native iOS mail app

Note: Some users have reported multiple meeting responses being sent from the native iOS mail app. For more information visit:

1. You must delete your existing Harvard Exchange account from your device before connecting it to Office 365 Email & Calendar. From the Settings menu, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select your existing Exchange account.

2. Verify that your Harvard email address is in the Account field and tap Delete.

3. Tap Add Account on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen then choose Exchange.

4. Enter the following information:

  • Email: Your primary e-mail address
  • Password: The same password you used to access your email before migration


5. Tap Next

6. In most cases, the device will be able to discover your account information automatically; you can skip this step unless you are prompted for this information:

  • Server:
  • Domain: Leave blank
  • Username: Your primary e-mail address again
  • Password: The same password you used to access your email before migration

7. Tap Next


8. Once your device has verified your account with Office 365 Email & Calendar, you can choose which mailbox objects you want to synchronize. All are turned on by default, but you may de-select any you don't wish to sync.

9. Tap Save to complete setup



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