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We're moving to Office 365!

The ICEmail and FASmail communities are consolidating onto Office 365 for email and calendaring services. This is an important step in building a common collaboration platform for Central Administration, HDS, HSPH, FAS, GSE, GSD, Radcliffe and GSAS Students.
Mailbox transitions have already begun and will continue over the next 12 to 18 months.

Key  benefits of this transition include:
      • Improved calendaring services across groups
      • Increased mailbox size starting at 50GB
      • Upgraded Outlook for the web experience integrated with SharePoint and OneDrive
      • For FAS: access to the full Harvard directory for sending emails and scheduling meetings

What happens next?

Transitions to this service have already started, and notifications have been sent to those who are scheduled to move. If you have not yet received a notice, you will within few weeks of when your group is scheduled to begin. The communication will notify you of the date your email will be moved along with more detailed information about the actions you will need to take on transition day.
Once you have been transitioned, you will still be connected to your email from your PC or Mac Outlook applications, but you will need to update the settings on your other applications and devices.
Note: For all email applications and devices, your username for Office 365 Email & Calendar is the primary ("From") email address on your mailbox.

Common problems you may encounter

Can't see meeting details on others' calendars
Even if a calendar has been shared with you and you could see meeting details prior to migration, you will only be able to see free/busy information for those who are not yet on Office 365 Email & Calendar.

In the meeting above, you can see the subjects of meetings on the calendars of people who have shared these details with you and are already on Office 365 Email & Calendar.

For those not on Office 365 Email & Calendar, you will only see free/busy information (blue blocks for busy, white for free) regardless of the level of detail they have shared with you.

No mobile mailbox access
Your email and calendar will not be accessible on your mobile devices until you update your settings

You can't log in
You no longer log on to email using fas_domain\johnqpublic or university\jqp123; use your primary email address as your username and the same password you used for email before

You can still log on to your computer and other applications the way you always have

Outlook is continually prompting for credentials
If you have permissions to a calendar for someone who has not yet migrated, or vice-versa, you both may get continually prompted to re-enter your credentials. You'll need to remove any permissions for that person or have them remove your permissions until you're both on Office 365 Email & Calendar. Free/Busy information will still be available to both of you in the meantime.

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